Summer on the farm

Honeysuckle smells take me back to my grandfather's farm. The silver queen corn is fresh every day. Some nights it is only corn and tomatos and that is a wonderful dinner. Fruit trees offer apples, pears, peaches, cherries, and the weirdest fruit – sickle pears, a small hard, sharp, tart taste that I love. 

Homemade root beer is getting ready to burst in the summer sun. Soon, Uncle John will arrive with clams and crabs from Long Beach Island.

Summer on the farm.


painting by Martine Tulet

What comes out of you...

When you squeeze an orange, what comes out? Orange juice.

When you squeeze a lemon, what comes out? Lemon juice.

When you squeeze a grape, what comes out? Grape juice.

Life is squeezing us all the time. Whatever or whoever is inside of us will come out. When we are squeezed, the truth of who we are will come out.

We must ask ourselves when I am squeezed, what comes out? 

Is it pain, fear, anger, hatred, attack? 


Do I express myself as understanding, empathy, compassion, and love?

Great teachers...

The great teachers make it look easy. 

They appear to be tapped into an endless well of wisdom. 

What most don't know, is that they have spent hours and years being immersed in resources that are part of the earth's collective wisdom. 

Great teachers search for answers and direction from beyond the intellect. 

They create an intimate connection with the Divine universe.

We are all connected. In your prayer and meditation be still and know.

Deep caring and love holds my world together

Deep caring and love holds my world together. Looking back at old photographs and laughing and crying through the memories. Planting seeds, nurturing, watering, and seeing an oak tree grow in my backyard. The memory of first meeting you 45 years ago and falling in love with you again, and again, and again. My fathers laughter and hearty hello as he enjoyed the hot tub. 

The love that ties my life together is woven with connection and resilience. I always bounce back. These bridges of love can never be broken. They fuel our souls as we stand for life, dare to love in the face of hatred, dare to step up when someone has fallen, and dare to speak up when someone has been silenced.

We must walk together through the storms of life. Sometimes we will carry each other. Sometimes we will create a path for others to follow.


I enjoy solitude. Being alone is revitalizing for me. Being alone is not lonely. It is refueling. 

I believe we can all benefit from finding a quiet center. In my solitude, I can unmask my ego and let it rest. In solitude and quiet I listen to the "still, small voice." I listen to the voice that gave me life. I rest in the hands that bring me health and healing. I rejoice in the freedom of not doing. I love in the unconditional love. In solitude, I am reminded I am a human being not a human doing. I am more than the sum of all of my efforts. I know my life is a gift to be shared and in the sharing, we are twice blessed. New life springs forth from solitude. Every breath is a gift.