Treat all life as sacred

As caring human beings, it is our responsibility to support and care for the earth, our neighborhood, our home, and everyone in the shared life. This is the bottom line. Either we continue to care for the earth and each other or we will devolve to a place and time where there is no one left to care for us and no earth left to nurture and support us.

This is not some power game where the loudest, most abusive, fear inducing, and hate promoting demagogue wins and takes all the cash. This is real life. This is the deep commitment of saving the earth, and as the indigenous people have taught for thousands of years, when we save the earth, we save our souls.

This is a time of transformation. Wake up! There is only a little time left.

This is not a dress rehearsal. This is the only life we get. This life, our life, and everyone else's life, is sacred. Please, please, please, treat all life and the earth as sacred and we will survive this catastrophe that we have created.

If you cannot treat all life as sacred than at least - "Do no harm."

Be the Light

"You are the light of the world… Let your light so shine that all may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven." - Matthew 5:14, 16

We need each other's light. Now is the time to choose to be loving and kind. 

Now is the time to be wise and forgiving.  Now is the time to take action.

Be part of the problem solving not part of the problem.

Be a voice that lifts us up not puts us down.

Be part of the future dream, do not despair.

Be a light on to the darkness.

Be someone's hope, be someone's joy, be someone's love.

Be the light.

Our thoughts have power

 "The thought is ever father to the act" - Shakespeare

In these times of challenge, crisis, and anxiety, it is essential that we reclaim the power of our thoughts. There is in each of us and in each of our thoughts, great power. We have the ability to find and create stability. Our creative and constructive thinking can change the world. It always has and it can again.

We must bring our honesty to intervene with dishonesty

We must bring our integrity to counteract corruption.

We must bring our kindness, compassion, and empathy to all forms of hatred and exclusion.

The universe responds to our thoughts.

Servant Leadership

Make a gift of your life. Be clear with your intentions to work and serve. It is wise to see your work as a service and contribution to the world. In this context your service becomes a gift. Your gift may be keeping a clean and loving home. Your gift may be tending a garden that provides vegetables and bounty to your family and neighbors. Your gift may be teaching or counseling. Your gift may be in the world of science or engineering.

Whatever your gift, give it with love, caring for life, and service to the greater good. Our life can be a joy to all who come in contact with our loving service.

When we put our attention and energy into serving and uplifting others, we are uplifted in the process.


We are all ripples of God's love.

 We are all ripples of God's love.

"I am the vine, you are the branches." - John 15:5

When we think with respect and understanding, we think like God.

When we act with compassion, we act like God.

When we see equality, we see with the eyes of God.

When we share joy, we feel God's joy.

When we reach out to help another, we reach with the hands of God.

When we speak with love, we speak with the voice of God.

"We are all pencils in the hand of God." - St. Mother Teresa


Please Vote

 "Forget the hours of suffering, but not what they have taught you." - Holocaust survivor 

I feel our nation is suffering. The coronavirus has painfully impacted hundreds of thousands of our fellow humans. The Black Lives Matter movement was given rebirth when we saw George Floyd murdered on our various screens. Because of our technology, he was not murdered once. In our eyes and hearts he was murdered repeatedly. Racism, slavery, and inhumanity has murdered black women and men for 600 years.

We committed genocide against the native people of this land. There are very few indigenous people left to share their beautiful cultures. Latinx parents and their children continue to be imprisoned at our borders. We tear families apart with an ignorance that is inconceivable. 

Those of us on the path of peace and unity are not to blame for the past, but we are responsible for the future. There are moments when I am afraid to speak my truth. Resilience is part of my character. In every way possible, I will create a safe place for dialogue. Every moment we are together is an opportunity to speak our truth and share our character. I want to create a safe emotional space so we can honor all of the courageous souls who have given their lives for the radical dream of democracy. I will do all that I can so that generations who died will not have died in vain. I will not let the dream of peace and unity die in me.