On this Christmas Morning

On this Christmas Morning

All we do is sacred.

Be at peace.

Our ideas of right and wrong are just
reflections through the dusty lens of our ego's glasses.

We are each a child of the Divine.

Every thought, feeling and action is sacred.

Everything is Grace.

Now is the season to know that everything is sacred.

Teaching and Learning

I have always loved reading.  My mom, who was a kindergarten teacher, inspired me to read.  She fueled my passion with numerous books.  She always had the wisdom to give me books that were relevant (interesting) to me.  I found comfort and connection in everything I read.  Early on I realized I was never alone.  I could always find a character or a word that I could relate to.  When lonely or sad, I could open a book and be transported to a deeper learning, to a place of understanding. 

I have spent 60 years of my 64 years as both a student and a teacher.  I am always learning and I am blessed to always be teaching.  My classroom has evolved.  It began in a 2 story brick building in Burlington, New Jersey.  Then, a High School of 2,000 other young adults, many colleges and University's and now the world.  My curriculum is life and love.  I am most interested in the stories of being human.  I am inspired by our challenges and triumphs.  I am less impressed with gaining achievement for position, power, and money.   I am most impressed with achieving unity, gaining understanding and being authentic and vulnerable.  My teaching is less about speaking and more about listening.  Listening to the "still, small voice" in me and the story of the depth of your experience.  I am most interested in your life and what you love and how we are connected in life and love.  I find there is always a connection.  We just need to listen.


Broken Heart

God breaks the heart again and again and again until it stays open
- Inayat Khan                     

When I was young my first fall from love broke my heart like lightning splitting a tree.

Years later, as a young father, Ashley's diagnosis of retardation broke me like a hurricane shatters glass.

Then being diagnosed with a life threatening immune disease broke me like a bone that breaks with a loud snap and you are brought to your knees.

Then at a conference, the joy tear filled face of a young man broke me like warm water pounding the pain from my shoulders.

Each time, my reflex was to close up, to recover but the spirit had broken through.

I will never close again.


We all have gifts

"What you are is what you have done with the why you are"

- Raymond Charles Barker

We have all arrived in this life with a God given gift. As we share our gifts we make a life. The sharing of our gifts determines the quality of our lives and legacy we leave.