Love is who we are.

Love is who we are.  It is not simply an emotion.  It is not only something we give.  It does not have to be deserved.  Love is God’s grace in action.  We are love and the more we share love, the more it increases.  In us, in others, in the world.  Love is transformational.  Love is the heart of gratitude and forgiveness.  We express love when we acknowledge and appreciate others in our life. 

Love is our natural, God given state.  It is the way we were designed to be in the world.  As we see others in love, we are seen as well.  The more we give love the more love we have to give.

Optimism is Neurologically Enhancing

Our thoughts can change our brains in positive and negative ways.  If a brain scan was done on your brain you could see that every thought stimulates different areas of the brain.  Positive thoughts suppress regions of the brain that create negative feelings.  Negative thoughts disrupt normal brain functioning.  This causes anxiety, stress, depression, and disease.  The neurological evidence is clear.  Optimism enhances brain health and function.

If you want to experiment, think of your fears and worries.  Notice how you feel.  Now think about your success, your core values and all the people you love.  You will notice that your feelings change in your body and mind.

Neurological changes are taking place just with the power of your thoughts.  Our thoughts give our lives meaning and purpose. 

Stay focused on thoughts and feelings that give you hope and faith.  Self-reflection and social awareness with kindness will grow new connections in your brain.  Inner peace and compassion slows the aging process.

                                                Adapted from “The Power of Thought”

                                                            - Dr. Andrew Newberg and Mark Waldman

Servant Leadership

Much of our current anxiety comes from a society that values great wealth, great fame and fast response.  These values separate us from our essence.

The core of internal conflict is trying to fulfill society’s definition of success and our internal goals.

In schools we are valued for performing well on high stakes tests.  In the work world we get promoted for multi-tasking behavior.  We are taught to believe that success is being applauded for being special.  Our lives open to the exquisite when we give attention and humbly serve.  When we serve others everything and everyone is special.

The more time we spend on serving others, the greater our happiness.  We move past the day dreams of greatness, needing to be affirmed constantly, to the reality of unity were we had the greatness of all life. 

Everything and everyone responds to love and nurturing.  As servant leaders we celebrate all life.  We celebrate our work, our mission, we build an identity on building the identity of others.  As we build the value of others, we build a beautiful world.



Integrity means more than honesty. It literally means “the state or quality of being entire, complete, and unbroken.” When we are whole, authentic, real, we are being integrous.
         Our human history is abundant with role models who walked their talk. Individuals who stood in their truth. Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, and other names known only to each of us. We have all known beautiful hearts who stood in their values. Even when they were unpopular.

         As we grow into our integrity, as we stand in our truth, we cannot embrace life’s challenges alone. We need trusting, healthy relationships, and a loving supportive community to surround us. Finally we need a deep belief and relationship with something greater than ourselves. I do not debate about what you call it. I am quite passionate that you call it. Whether it is God, The Divine, your true self, identity, or integrity. It is essential that we are in relationship with something greater than us.