Our life is a gift

Our life is a gift. I am grateful everyday that I get to live this beautiful life. I have learned that to retain my gift of life, I need to give it away. I need to give my life in service to the world. We can all make a gift of our lives when we are kind with all those we interact. I give the gift of life when I am understanding, compassionate, empathetic, forgiving, and generous. We all benefit when we share these life affirming gifts. Giving of ourselves and our humanity is the best gift we can give.


You are a miracle

My friends and loved ones, you are all miracles unfolding.  You are each full of courage and a passion for life.  You all have greatness inside.  The spark of Divinity, the fire of unconditional love.  Limitless potential and the light of dreams to be fulfilled reside in your being.  You are songs, poems, inventions, dance, crafts, and engineering.  Possibilities, purpose, and perspective are all parts of the miracle of your humanity.


It is an essential part of our humanity to make mistakes.  I fall prey to arrogance in 8th grade and I discover humility and forgiveness.  I suffer a severe injury in High School football and I discover poetry and public speaking.  Still, unsure of my emerging artist I sustain another football injury in college and I discover education and psychology.  I have evolved in spite of myself.  I have been broken many times and my mistakes have mysteriously revealed new skills. 
We all grow from the light that shines through the cracks in our mistakes.