Beautiful Reciprocity

What is spirituality?

I recently heard a story of someone asking a monk, “What is your life like as a monk?”

The monk replied, “We walk, we fall down, someone helps us up.  We walk some more, someone else falls down, we help him up.  That’s pretty much what we do.”
-       Ernest Kurtz & Katherine Ketcham

I love this simple, beautiful story.  This is my kind of spirituality.  I have fallen often in my life; someone or something has helped me back up.  In turn, I have lived my life helping others who have fallen.

Beautiful reciprocity.



I have been thinking lately about human communication and recognition.  I believe we all want to be recognized for our highest self.  We want to be seen as the best version of ourselves.  That same self radiates from each of us.

One of the great blessings of having a profoundly developmentally different child is I get to witness her essence everyday.  Ashley does not have the ability to be anything other than the purity and innocence of her highest self.  I feel her angelic nature.  I feel God’s breathing through her. 

God is breathing through you and me also.  This life is not a dress rehearsal.

If you want to know God, hold the hand of the person next to you.
If you want to see God, look into the eyes of someone you love.
If you want to experience God, acknowledge someone, even a stranger, as his or her highest self.

You will be participating in a miracle.  You will heal their separation and loneliness.  You will create peace.


A Symphony of Hearts and Souls

We each have a unique gift to bring to the world.  It is our own responsibility to develop and share this gift.  The world will not be whole if we do not share our gifts and strengths.

During our Masonic LifeSkills Conference, we each share our gifts and talents. 

We create a safe atmosphere for 120 students to nurture, practice, and ultimately perform their gifts on life’s stage. 

We build a community – safe, accepting, celebrating differences. 

We create harmony in relationships and collaboration through problem-solving, effective communication, and creative thinking.

We conduct a symphony of hearts and souls sharing the music of joy and grace.  Our collective gifts create a synergy… and love is revealed.


“The deepest principle of human nature is the craving to be appreciated.” – William James

Today, extend value to everyone you meet.  Who provides service to you?  Who is your school custodian?  Who cleans up after all of us are gone?  Who began work today in the early morning so you could have lunch?  Who warmed the bus before dawn so you could ride to school? 

All of those in service deserve your care, attention, and appreciation.