We are all unique creations

 "If you had an enemy, and knew his heartaches and his anxieties, you would be disarmed of your hostility and claim him as a brother." - Longfellow

We were born in different places, in different families, and different cultures.  We learned different languages, different faiths, and different traditions.  

Where we were born and what we learned were our reality.  But our reality is only one reality. There are vast numbers of other realities, other cultures, other faiths, other languages, other families. These other realities have as much value and sacredness as your reality. They do not need to be you and you do not need to be them. We are all unique creations of Divinity.

We are all here to live in compassion and understanding.

Thoughts, Beliefs, Actions

 "When any real progress is made, we unlearn and learned anew what we thought we knew before."

- Henry David Thoreau

Everything begins with a thought. Where we are today, individually and as a nation, began with our thought process. Thoughts create beliefs and beliefs create actions.

It is time for a new thought. It is time for a belief in humanity. It is time to act with kindness, hope, empathy, and compassion. We must unlearn prejudice, fear, and hatred. We can see, think, dream, and create a better world.

Every thought, every belief, every action we take, ripples out and impacts the world. We must rethink and create loving responses to poverty, racism, sexism, homelessness, climate change, and healthcare.

We have an opportunity NOW!

Individual thoughts, beliefs, and actions, inspire national and global change.

I take responsibility for my thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

It's in every one of us to be kind

Our nature is unity. In prehistoric times we banded together for survival. Now we must evolve from survival consciousness to thriving consciousness. Unity is our only hope to thrive.

We must treat everyone with respect and equality. We must work for unity in all neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, and houses of worship. We must stop creating false, man-made, unnatural hierarchies of power. We must support all children and families.

Every human being is a unique expression of God. Please help to break down the walls of racism, sexism, hatred, and violence. Please help to build bridges so that every age, every culture, every gender, every group, and every individual can live in peace.

It's in every one of us to be kind.

Creating Unity

We all have the same origin. We all begin our evolutionary journey as human beings in an area of East Africa. Climate and conditions changed us on the outside, but inside we are the same. We are the same genetically.

"The concept of race has no genetic or scientific basis." – Craig Venter, Human Genome researcher

Every human being is an expression of the Divine. We are all one with spirit. We are all one with God. I will never argue or debate about the name you use for God. There are hundreds of names for God. I want to evolve past the hostility for what we call God. I want to evolve to the place that we all, call God.

I want to evolve to the place where we all seek to create unity.

Our diversity is an opportunity to join in beautiful harmony. The love of the universe is our ultimate song.

"While I know myself as a creation of God, I am also obligated to realize and remember that everyone else and everything else are also God's creation." - Maya Angelou

Love or Fear

We, as a people, are living our chapter in an ancient story.  A story of love or fear.  Those who fear, seek power and domination.  They have destroyed the environment and are so narcissistic they would destroy their fellow humans.  Those who fear are spiritually bankrupt.  They lack compassion and empathy.  They are so afraid, they gorge themselves on the noise of hatred, racism, sexism, and violence.

Those who love, seek to join, connect and build relationships.  Those who love build wholeness, community, and unity.  They know they carry the seed of unconditional loving spirit, and they plant the sacred spiritual seed wherever they walk the earth.  As the world heals and blossoms, there will be a renaissance of love.

We have all, at sometime, been both love and fear.  

We must now reflect on our next choice.

Who am I, love or fear?

Choose one.