Friends, are those people with whom we speak with love and passion without being filled with fear, doubt or even the need for approval.

I am blessed with deep, abiding friendships in my life.  They are an oasis when my life has been dry and cracked with my own intensity.  They have been a cool and refreshing drink of clean, clear water when my heart was burned from its loving passions.  When I was ills and alone, one visited and sat with me even when I could not remember his presence.  Another was always there by my side providing kinship, camaraderie and whatever was needed.  Others ensured by freedom as I explained the mysteries of my existence.  Many others waited patiently as I searched for truth in creative adventures that led me back to their trusted friendship.  I have prayed in my "dark nights of the soul" waiting to hear God's voice.

Honest, loving friends are parts of your soul.  They soften the harshness of the world.  Friendship, in ancient German, means "place of high safety."  This safety, this friendship, opens us to God.

"My friends are the beings through whom God loves me."
- St. Martin


Honor all people

When I was a little boy, there was a newspaper comic strip called Pogo.  Pogo's classic line was "We have met the enemy and they is us."  We must focus on discernment.  We must focus on devotion and selfless service.  Children of God we are here for more then  self gratification.  Service offers peace.  Self gratification leads to pain.  If we want peace we must follow the "still, small voice."  The inner spiritual voice recalls our heritage as sons and daughters of God.

We must be true and faithful to that within us that knows the truth.

We cannot give or receive the gifts God has lovingly given if we are self absorbed.  God made us all.  Everyone of us is a child of God.  We are designed to connect.  Dr. Brene Brown, in her research has show human beings are hard wired for connection.  We break the human connection when we are self centered.  We can restore our connection through service, by giving our time, attention and talents in service to someone in need.

God's gifts are abundantly for all.

"Honor all people."
                                                                1 Peter 2:17

"As long as we love one another, God will live in us."
                                                                 I John 4:12

In the depths of honesty and vulnerability, I want to say to everyone I see, "let us show love and respect to each other."

Sadly we never say this out loud.  If we did, someone would probably run away in fear.  We try our best to say I love you without words, in socially appropriate ways.  I love you is translated as "have a nice day, good to see you, good morning."

"We are hard wired for connection," writes Dr. Brene Brown and yet we go to such great effort to keep our desire for love and connection hidden.

So let me say here, what we all need to hear- "I love you"



November 6, 2016- Sunday morning I found myself in physical and emotional pain.  I can no longer listen to any more political commercials from anyone.  Whenever a soundbite comes on the TV or radio, I find my body and mind recoil in pain.  I now mute every commercial.  Nothing I am hearing is in alignment with my values.  I don't like complaining so I went inside for prayer and meditation.  I found these words.  My choice is to be compassionate, to understand, to find a way with God's grace to be forgiving.  My value system, my "still small voice" directs me to be unconditionally loving towards all life in all it's "distressing disguises."  These words move me to action.  I look forward to service and giving of respect to everyone I interact with.  I practice consideration, patience, and understanding.  I give love and caring to all of God's children.  We are all God's children.

I trust in God's love, mercy and wisdom.  I place my faith and love in God.  My responsibility is not to change the negative but to focus on the positive.  Today I consciously offer the world kindness, forgiveness, gratitude and compassion.

God bless the whole world

No exceptions