We are one sacred family

"Fear, pain and worry make us retreat, 
while great love and great suffering break down those barriers."
-Mark Nepo

Will we be a society, a culture, a people that lives in fear and pushes people away because we perceive them as different?  Can we be a society, a culture, a people that lives in great love and compassion and invites those we see as different to come close and teach us?
Will we be self-serving, in need of control and untrustworthy or can we be kind, generous, servant leaders who are trusting?
Fear tricks us into believing that retreating, protecting and excluding will keep us safe. Love welcomes and reminds us that we are one within our diversity. We are essentially more alike than we are different. 

"We are born whole but we need each other to be complete."
- Plato

We are here to connect. We are here to be a unique part of an infinite whole. It is essential to tell our story. It is equally essential to listen to the stories of others. When we share the vulnerability of our stories, we find that we are not alone.  Every human life is sacred. We are one sacred family. 

Join together

Jesus said "Wherever two or more are gathered together in my name, there I am."

I have been blessed to participate in a significant number of positive, pro active collaborations.  I have had the privilege of helping to create programs where Spirit was truly moving the effort forward.  When we are in alignment with "the still, small voice" we are a part of the healing process.  We are servant leaders when we join together and share our gifts, talents and authenticity.  This synergy brings love, strength and healing.

Join together in strength.  Join together in faith.  Join together in the belief that we are far greater together than we are alone.

Live life on purpose

The most effective way to achieve our goals and dreams is to live our life on purpose.  Fulfilling our sense of purpose and helping others to fulfill their sense of purpose.  When we are all focused on our sense of purpose, stress will be reduced and joy will be revealed.

"Our prime purpose in life is to help others" - Dalai Lama

"Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve your dreams" - Les Brown

How can we transform schools?

How can we transform schools?  How do we take standardized test oppressed educators and students to an experience where they all know they are cared for and each of their lives matter.

We need to see everyone, yes everyone, as a potential leader.  We need to inspire and recognize their passion, heart, commitment, and compassion.  We need to recognize and acknowledge the humanity and goodness of everyone in our school.

In my 45 years in education, I have found that if we take care of those we work with, they will take care of the work of teaching and learning.  If we let people know we genuinely care about them, they will let others know they care.

Trust is the core of successful school transformation.  We must give trust to get trust.

"They found one variable that had great explanatory power: they called it "relational trust," which I read as a synonym of "community."  If a school had high relational trust and/or a leadership core that worked on trust building, that school had roughly a 5 out of 7 chance of serving students better by the end of the decade."
- "The Heart of Higher Education" Palmer, Zajonc, Scribner, Nepo 2010, page 46

The children, parents, and educators of our nation are starving for positivity and authentic leadership in schools.  Everyone I meet in education is passionate to show their love for children and love of learning.

Long term meaningful change is not easy.  It is not fast.  We need to make a heart felt, soul-level commitment to children, educators and parents to do what is needed.  To do the right thing.  I believe the right thing is doing what is most human.  

Taking care of each other is most human.