This moment is essential

We have always been here and will always be here. It is what we do with today that is essential. Today is the only thing in our control. This moment is essential.

I am continuing to learn that as our physical body ends, our soul still leaves a wave of positivity and love. The legacy of our empathy and compassion ripples through the universe forever. Every action, every word, and every thought we have makes a difference to someone. Our soul's journey continues past the physical life. With each breath we take, let us make our lives a tribute to unconditional love.

Give yourself permission to bring the gifts of your best self to life now. Who you are and what you do matters.

The essential...

When you know the fragility of this human body, your perspective on life narrows to what is essential.

Two years ago, I had a six-hour open-heart surgery. It was very important to me to let family and friends know how much I loved them.

Four weeks ago, I experienced the excruciating pain of losing our beloved 39-year-old daughter. As Sandra and our two sons and I stood by Ashley's bedside in ICU for the last three days of her life, my perspective on life deepened to what matters, to the sacred, to the essential.

There were no thoughts of work, ambition, success, or what others thought of me. The final three days with Ashley were full of unconditional love, deep and powerful meaning, and knowing that she was with God.

If you are at a place in your life where you think about legacy, give thanks that you are alive and those you treasure are alive. Take nothing for granted, if you love someone, let them know. Now! And again, and again, and again.

Every step forward...

Every laugh we share, every touch, and every tear we shed, is a reminder that life is sacred. From our greatest loss can rise our soul embracing a new life.

My life has been spent in education and mental health services. We're all healers and as we heal others, we heal ourselves. 

We can not escape our pain. I do not even try. My tears flow with love. I carry my beloved daughter with me and hold her close to my heart. Acceptance moves me forward.

Every step forward is an act of love. Maybe we love our pets and warm them with our unconditional love. Maybe we are teachers, counselors, nurses, and therapists. Maybe we disconnect from technology and look into the eyes of the person across from us and love them.

Acts of Love

I have watched as my dear wife Sandra has made a gift of her life. Everything she has done for our special needs daughter, and all of us who are blessed to be in her presence, is full of love and selfless service. 

Sandra models the heart of God. Unconditional love is a form of worship and a source of joy. Let us seek to uplift everyone we meet.

As we uplift others we are uplifted in the process. Compassion is self-fulfilling because in truth, as we give to another, we give to ourselves. Every kindness, every smile, every act of love benefits ourselves and the whole world.

You are never excluded from love

In our challenging times, the arms of unconditional Divine love embrace us.

The Divine is with us always. Unconditional love is an essential aspect of our nature. We are all immersed in the beauty of life.

Love is in the breath you take, in the hands you hold, in the thoughts you think, and in the sun that warms your face.

You are never excluded from love.


Now a week after Ashley's passing from this earthly life, I find myself affirming her life, hearing her calling me to continue, and seeing her everywhere. Even in grief, she comforts me and brings meaning to my life.

Nothing is normal. It never was for us and it never will be. Ashley is now free from pain. There are no more seizures. She is at peace. And I feel her sending peace and unconditional love to all of us.

I have asked my family to surround me with her pictures. I need to see her ageless, angelic face, especially her perfect little nose.

I weep freely reminding myself and Sandra that every tear is love.

I look forward to continuing to share her story of unconditional love.

In Love...Ashley


If we could only know...

If we could only know and accept how much we are loved. If we knew how much we are loved, our fear would dissipate and our inner critic would disperse. We are a part of a loving universe.

When we accept that we are part of a loving universe, we begin to see our Divine essence.

We know we are never alone. We are always enveloped in love. 

We can transcend the petty squabbles of our ego and see the Divine light in ourselves and others.

We can move through life with grace.

It is in our DNA to embrace all life

It is in our DNA to embrace all life.

Our little lives are a part of humanity and it is a distinct privilege to be a part of your family.

There is joy in solidarity.

It is good to be a caring human being.

We need each

 Take a few minutes and join me as I reflect...


"Forgiveness and compassion are linked. How do we hold people accountable for wrong doing and yet at the same time remain in touch with their humanity enough to believe in their capacity to be transformed?" - Bell Hooks

Empathy is feeling with another person. Compassion takes the next step in human evolution and acts on that feeling of unity consciousness. Compassion is our way of being in the world. 

Compassion moves to create truth and love. Compassion moves us to response-ability and asks us to experience different truth. 

Our compassion originates in unconditional love for self and others. We know we are all connected.

Compassion seeks the highest good for all.


The best way to have a friend is to be a friend. 

Being in a friendship is one of the most essential human relationships. The connection, bonding, and intimacy is a sharing of self at a level that invites us into deep learning. Healthy friendships help us become the best possible versions of ourselves. 

My dearest friends encourage my authenticity, vulnerability, and courage. They also forgive me when I make mistakes and fall flat on my face. I also forgive them when they stumble in the human journey. 

I continue to learn how to create healthy boundaries through my friendships. We teach people how to treat us by making it clear what we will accept and not accept. Through the development of truth and trust we make clear our agreements on how we will love and support each other. 

Your Path…

The path you are on is unique to you. No one else will walk your path. We are each on a different path with different skills and gifts. Let go of the desire to gain approval from other people. You are unique in all the world. There is just one you. 

Shine brightly. Others will warm themselves by your light and together you can share your journey. 


In the depths of our heart, we long for intimacy with unconditional love, with the Divine. 

The tug we feel is Divinity beckoning us home. The paradox is that heaven (or home) is hidden in our hearts. We long for what we already have. The homesickness we feel can be resolved with quiet, silent mindfulness. In stillness, you will find your way home.

Authentic and Transparent

Be at peace. Practice being authentic and transparent.

Spirit is within each of us. When we are at peace with our authentic self, we replace fear with love. In this love, we find self-acceptance and share our best self with the world.

When we bring our best self into the world, we find the best in others. When we treat others as their best self, they respond from that place.

As we give, we receive.

When we are authentic and transparent, we form relationships that recognize and honor our authenticity and transparency.

We are at peace.