Energy in Motion

Emotion is energy in motion. - Peter McWilliams

Fear is the energy to do your best in a new situation.
Guilt is self-directed anger; it is the potential energy for self-directed change.
Unworthiness keeps us on track; it is better termed “humility.”
Hurt feelings remind us how much we care.

Anger is energy for change.


“In every living thing there is an inner necessity that outweighs all consequence.”
– Mark Nepo

What is your purpose?  Why are you here?  What is your inner necessity?  What are you called to do?  Your answer is your joy.  Your answer is your life.


A Gift to Humanity

We can make our life a gift to humanity by offering love and passionate attention to service.  We can join with the heart of God.  Our mundane lives can become a source of joy to everyone.  Our loving service is a form of worship.  When you uplift others, we are uplifted in the process.  Our service is spiritually, socially, and emotionally self-rewarding.  Every kindness, thoughtful action, or simple smile is part of the spiritual essence that benefits the world.