The Price of Being Authentic

I have learned that no matter what vision I follow, there is always potential for conflict.  When I have attempted to avoid all conflict, often in an effort to appease others, I have often hurt myself.  In my past, when I have passionately worked to achieve my dreams, I have faced the disapproval of those who wanted me to stay the same.

The price of being authentic is we will never be what everyone else wants us to be.  I have found the greater cost is not being myself, not being real.  When I am more concerned with not ruffling the status quo and trying to please others, something precious and vulnerable suffers deep inside me.  Throughout the past ten years, I am aware that not being true to myself is destructive to my spirit.

I am now at a place in my life that I pray to be authentic, vulnerable, and courageous.  I am healthy when I am true to myself and resist the approval of others.


A star shining in the night’s sky gives all of its energy constantly, providing light in the darkness.  Science tells us that not only does it produce light during its lifetime, but also it’s light shines long after the star is gone.  The star did not need to be known.  It did not need to be celebrated.  It didn’t even need to be named.  It fulfilled its purpose by simply shining.

We are here for the same purpose – to shine our light.  Being fully present. This is our purpose.  When we give our presence to all that we touch, our life grows.  We glow through our service to humanity.  Our bodies will pass away.  Our legacy will live forever.


When I break a glass or it shatters on the kitchen floor, my first reaction is to be self-critical.  When someone’s heart breaks, I want to fix it.  When my heart breaks, I retreat to a deep dark place for a day or two.  Our human response is to think all this breaking is unfair.

Life has taught me nothing is fair.  I want to stop looking for fair.  Stars collide, comets streak across the galaxy, worlds are born and die in an instant.  In the universe something is always letting go or being created.  Like a willow tree, letting go allows us to survive.  As we release, we increase.  When we hold on, often what we hold is ripped from our grasp.  In the process of letting go, I have learned that love softens what initially feels like a loss.  Being at peace, in meditation and prayer slows down the anxiety and fear.  When I look back, my letting go was the precursor of a blessing.

Our Ability to Respond

With knowledge comes responsibility.
With responsibility comes choice.
With choice, comes the future.

We have within us the capacity for knowledge and wisdom.  To know, we need to ask, explore, and practice.  We gain wisdom as we use our knowledge.  We learn responsibility as we put our wisdom (heart) and knowledge (intellect) into action. 

The more responsible we are, the more choice life offers us.  We are never given more than we can handle, even though there are times we don’t believe we can handle some experiences.  We learn we are able to respond to the increased challenges.

The goal of life shapes us, and our world, in such a way that love is extended to all humanity and to all life on the earth.

We have the ability to respond with love and transform our world.