A Creed

Be kind and gentle to yourself and the world is more peaceful.

Forgive yourself and others will feel your forgiveness.

Respect yourself and you will treat others with respect.

Look for the good in everyone.

Be grateful.  Just be grateful.


Accept yourself.  Accept others.  We are all doing the best we have with what we know.

Optimism is a choice.  Let go of negativity.

Be willing.  "The willingness is all."

Say "Yes" to Life.  Embrace life.


Kindness Is Always Possible

"Be kind whenever possible.  It is always possible."
- Dalai Lama

I have the privilege to live with and be married to Sandra, my role model of kindness.  Her daily existence is bringing comfort and kindness to everyone with whom she comes into contact.  Her life is an example that kindness is always possible.

The Highest Standards

To commit our teaching as a loving service to our students transforms our work into a spiritual gift.  The definition of excellence in education becomes a commitment to the highest standards of human development.

Are we kind?  Are we respectful?  Are we responsible?  Have we been nice to everyone with whom we interact?

All of our actions become an opportunity to serve the greater good.  All our preparation, late nights, phone calls home, adapting lessons, and supporting the needs of the Whole Child become ingredients in contribution to world service.  Our smallest intervention serves the greater good, provides health and healing, and ennobles our profession.


Repeating Patterns

I continue to learn the humility of accepting my life and my imperfections.  I find myself repeating patterns of feeling sad because I did not speak my truth.  Repetition like a wave breaking regularly on the shoreline of my heart.  I seek to be kind, gentle, and considerate.  I am silent so I do not cause pain for others.  I feel the pain of my silence.

The sun repeats its blessed warmth and I continue to learn.  No matter how many times I need to learn this lesson, like the sun, it will repeat.  I accept my sadness as often as is needed until I learn how to break my old patterns and become whole.