Loving Connection

"It is a terrible, an inexorable law that one cannot deny the humanity of another without diminishing one's own.  In the face of one's victim, one sees oneself."  - James Baldwin

We must transcend the illusion of separation and realize that all humanity is one.  We are all born wanting love and belonging.  Connection is our human birthright.  When we finally discover that our value is innate to being human, we support the value of others.  

It is time for courageous action.  We need to know that our kindness, compassion, and empathy has ripples.  All our actions are contagious.  We can influence our community and ultimately our world by practicing kindness, by engaging and connecting, by being compassionate and empathic.

Gather with your dearest friends and trusted family and discuss-

What is essential?
What is our greatest task as human beings?
What is our hope for our children?

When we do good in the world, we do good for ourselves.

We know from the research of Dr. Barbara Fredrickson that when we create connection, our world view widens.  When our perception increases, we see unity where there once was separation.  Loving connection increases your circle of inclusion and concern.  We become more compassionate and trusting.

Loving Connection Changes Our Hearts and Minds


Divine Love

The March to Freedom is Irreversible
- Nelson Mandela

We are tempted to return to the old and familiar when we are afraid.  When faced with change, growth and evolution, we are sometimes filled with anxiety and fear.  We think if we can return to the old days, everything will be as it was and we will feel secure.

We can never return to the past.  It is gone.  The nature of all life is to evolve.  We either grow or we die.

We need to use all that we have learned from the past.  All that has helped us grow into a better version of ourselves and continue to move forward.

The only true security is in love...unconditional love.  We can learn from the good Samaritan.  A person from a different culture, an outsider, who saved the life of a Jew who had been attacked and left for dead.  Other people passed him by but the good Samaritan, the outcast, tended to his wounds and took care of his long term health needs.

The ancient message is clearly needed today.

Everyone is worthy of love, everyone is our brother and sister.  We are more alike then we are different.  We are all children of God.  We are united with Divinity when we act from love, when we act like human beings.

Divinity is infinite diversity.  Everyone is our brother and sister.  We are all connected.  Divinity does not exclude.  All humanity is included in Divine love.


Still, small voice

I have come to believe that there are moments in our lives when we are humbled and challenged to decide what is essential.  From that moment on we must live from our highest values.  Nothing less than our vulnerability, authenticity, and integrity will suffice.

We must fulfill our souls calling, follow the "still, small voice."  I have come to learn that when we experience moments of great humility we must strive for love, kindness and compassion in all our relationships.  When this is possible, we must forgive and let go with love.

Follow your soul's purpose.  Live a life of meaning.  Trust the "still, small voice."

LifeSkills Conference Reflections

Thank you to the LifeSkills Conference staff and students and all our Masonic sponsors.  From July 23rd through July 28th, 2017 we gathered at the Masonic Conference Center at Patton Campus of the Pennsylvania Masonic Village in Elizabethtown.  We came together in our passion for respect, responsibility, and healthy relationships.  We focused on servant leadership.  We built a community of kindness, compassion, gratitude, and forgiveness.  Each of us is a drop of water in an ocean of loving unity.

After 6 weeks of recovery from a spinal injury, I experienced a healing.  I was humbled by the limitless dedication and commitment of our LifeSkills Conference staff.  I was uplifted by the trust and open heartedness of all our participants.  Differences were recognized, accepted and celebrated.  From this respect for differences arose a unity of consciousness.  We are of a Divine unity.  We are all made of the same stuff.  We are now aware of this greater spirit.  Our fears are lessened.  we know we are supported.  In our moments together we know we were made of love.  We are blessed when we realize what we are made of and what we have risen from.