Claim Your Worth

You are unique in all the world.  You are the only you that will ever be in this life.  Your calling is to be you, your authentic self.  Your inner self, your greater self, your spirit is calling you to your authenticity.  The world needs you.  The world needs your greatness.  Your identity, your self is much bigger than your ego.  You are a part of the infinite universe.  As Marianne Williamson said, "Your playing small does not serve the world."  Let go of the small needs of your ego and be aware of your place in the greatness of the universe.

When you authentic self shines forth, you are one with Divinity.  You are one with infinite kindness, love, patience, creativity, empathy, joy, and compassion.  You have great value in this life.  Move forward into your greatness.  Claim your worth.


Perhaps You Are A Leader...

Leadership is rare because it demands so much of us.  Leadership means we will be unpopular and we will be uncomfortable. 

When we speak our truth, someone will object.  Someone will criticize.  Someone will even create lies about you. 

If you dare to lead, stand tall in your truth.  This may be publicly uncomfortable and daunting.  Often, the place of our discomfort and fear is the exact place we need to be standing in order to lead most effectively. 

If you are uncomfortable, perhaps it is because you are a leader.


The Beacon That Lights Our Way...

When our inner core beliefs are in concert with our outer behaviors, we have reached Integrity.  Integrity is our inner strength shining through as resilience.  As we relate to the world around us, integrity is “the still, small voice” inside, that does not change.  It is the beacon that lights our way through life.