Our purpose in this life is that which we are most passionate about.  Pay attention to the “still small voice.”  Be aware of your deepest self.

Love by day
Love by night
Love when the snows of winter covers your life
Love when the heat of summer makes you sweat
We are here to love
Everything else is secondary
Great literature is love
Essential science is love
The core of healthy relationships is love
The only real wealth is love
The only policy I have ever lived by is love
My bible is love
The secret to life is simple



The Moment

“There were moments in his life and he gave his life to those moments”     – Epitaph on Bill Wilson’s gravestone

When I reflect on all the lessons and teachers in my life, I am humbled by the power of the moment.  The here and now, awareness, everything resides in the moment.  The rest is either anxiety about the future or memory.

I think back to everyone in my life who taught me how to love. 

My Mom expressed sincere gratitude every time her young innocent son brought in a gift from nature. 

My Dad who stood at the outfield fence, for what seemed like hours, when I was too afraid to join the Little League. 

My friend Joe who stood with me in the rain, under the highway overpass halfway between Ohio and Pennsylvania, reminding me this was a night we would never forget.  I did not forget. 

My beautiful, loving wife Sandra who said “yes” on my third try - I finally got it right. 

My daughter Ashley, who cannot speak, lives fully every moment.  They tell me she is developmentally delayed, severely, profoundly retarded.  Ashley and I have shared life and death moments. 

The moment the doctor said, “you might want to have your sons come in and say goodbye to their sister”  - that was the moment I devoted the rest of my life to love. 

The moment when the monitor began to beep in recognition that her life was returning - that was the moment that I devoted my life to gratitude. 

The moment in the mountains of Idaho when I prayed for Ashley to be healed and I heard God’s still small voice say “she is not to be healed, she is the healer, let her do her work”  - that was the moment I devoted my life to sharing Ashley’s story with the world. 

That was the moment I devoted my life to service.


Choose Love, Choose Life, Choose Renewal

When we stay with something (relationship, occupation, etc.) too long that does not nurture us, we begin to suffer.  Our work suffers, our relationships suffer, and most importantly, our spirit suffers.  The challenge is deciding when do we keep trying and when do we let go and say good-bye.

Sometimes we are asked to dig deeper into a relationship – to love more, to trust more, to renew and refresh.

Sometimes we are being asked to let go – to say goodbye, to move on to something new.  Do not continue to invest in what is not healthy.

Choose love, choose life, choose renewal.