There is always a choice...

"We can not eliminate hunger, but we can feed each other.  We can not eliminate loneliness but we can hold each other.  We can not eliminate pain, but we can live a life of compassion."
- Mark Nepo    

We are not powerful enough to change the world.  We can change our attitudes and behavior.  We choose to be kind, loving and compassionate.  We are responsible for everything we think, feel, say and do.  We live in an experience of endless choices.  As long as we live, we can choose again.  We can choose to comfort the uncomfortable, express our feelings, release the joy within our life, give and receive love.  There is always a choice.

A thought...

The only sane, satisfying and sustainable option for humanity
is to live with compassion, empathy and kindness.


True intimacy is being aware of and meeting the
needs of the those we love without losing connection to our own needs.  
To be truly intimate is to be authentic, vulnerable, courageous,
and compassionate with each other.

"Whatever we touch bears the mark of our heart, because our hands and heart are forever connected.  I was amazed to learn recently that as we form in the womb, the first sign of our arms, known as arm buds, grow directly out of the heart.  Before we even arrive, our arms are small branches stemming from our heart.  This is why when we feel love, we have the impulse to reach and touch.  This is why when speaking from the heart, we tend to speak with our hands.  And when having a heart attack, we feel the pain in our arms."
- Mark Nepo


"Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you.  And several times in the last week, 
God himself has even come to my door, asking me for your address!"
- Hafiz

Everyday is a day for thanksgiving.  It is an opportunity for gratitude.  Expressing our gratitude paves the way for happiness.  Happiness is the loving joy of God impacting our life.  The innocence of happiness can be found in a toddler's infectious laughter, a puppy playing in the snow is pure joy.  Otters playing in the water, bear cubs sliding down a hill or squirrels chasing each other from branch to branch.

Laughter is great medicine.  Healing chemicals are released from the brain into the body when we laugh.  Serotonin and Oxytocin feed the body and joy heals the soul.

"We are created by a love that couldn't contain itself, 
so it spilled over into expressions of itself as us."
- Rev. Katherine Saux

Thank you for being with us

Every day when I go for a walk, I breathe in the fresh air and appreciate the sunlight on my shoulders.  I consciously smile and or say hello to everyone I see passing.

It has become very important to me, especially now, to say something kind, to be kind, to let people know that there is emotional safety in the world.

I experience my heart physically and emotionally.  I want to be as authentic and real as possible as I walk along the path.

When I see old friends, I embrace them.  When I return home, I hug my beloved wife reminding her of all the joy and love she brings into my life.

I want love and affection to pour from my eyes the way the sun warms my shoulders.

I want to continue to learn from children.  I want to continue to care deeply for my friends.  I want to sing, write poetry and remind everyone we are children of God.  We are all evolving.  We are all becoming.

When I awake each morning, I stop in our daughter's room.  I adjust the feeding tube and her monitors, bend down and kiss her head and whisper in her ear "I love you!  I love you!"  I make the sign of the cross on her forehead and thank her for being with us.

I want to thank everyone for being with us.  I love you.