Recipe for a Miracle

For a miracle, take one act of compassion, throw in a pinch of kindness, a grain of forgiveness, and a handful of gentleness.  Add a little bit of peace, a cup of serenity, and it will happen.

For miracles are here, always, waiting to be discovered.  Waiting patiently it sits in the center of your life, eager to be unmasked.

Love, Kindness, and Forgivenss

"Ignorance does not yield to attack, but it dissipates in the light, and nothing dissolves dishonesty faster than the simple act of revealing the truth.  The only way to enlarge one's power in the world is by increasing one's integrity, understanding and capacity for compassion."
- Dr. David Hawkins

My life experience has taught me that love, kindness and forgiveness are the only sane and satisfactory responses to ignorance, hatred and negativity.  Sharing our truth is showing the light of our spirit.  I believe in and try to practice authenticity and transparency in all my interactions.  I try to speak my truth with love, kindness, integrity, and compassion.


Our intention is a significant part of the value of our actions.  I find that the educators that I am blessed to interact with are dedicated to service.  The service is an intention and action of love.  They seek to uplift the lives of all those they teach, counsel and mentor.  The world sees excellence as dedication to the highest standards.  The educators I am blessed to work with are dedicated to the standards of respect, responsibility, authenticity, integrity, passion, commitment, compassion, empathy, vulnerability, service leadership and healthy relationships.  Every action we take within these standards brings grace into our lives and the lives of all those we serve.