My primary focus these past 5 years has been on forgiveness and gratitude.  I find both of these experiences to be life changing.  When I offer forgiveness to myself or others, I am transformed.  A weight is lifted and I find a lightness in my body, mind and spirit.

I try consciously to offer gratitude through every day.  I express my gratitude to my loving wife, Sandra.  She always has fresh orange juice and a bottle of water ready for me before I leave the house.

I am grateful to be able to work and service schools, teachers and children.  This service brings me such joy.  I am grateful for all the wonderful colleagues who participate in this transformational work.

I am grateful to God for my life.  I get to love, learn, make mistakes, say “I am sorry,” forgive and be forgiven.  I am grateful.


My dear quiet angel.  Are you aware that you have changed the world simply by sitting quietly in your wheelchair?  Your constant unconditional loving meditation and prayer has blessed my life and every life that has been in your presence.  Your unconditional love is always pulsating, giving and receiving.  You have achieved your destiny.  There is so much Divinity in your kind and gentle spirit.

You are always near.  The touch of your hand is softer then the finest silk.  Your infrequent sounds dance across my ears and smiles break out on my face.  I am blessed to be in your presence.  The greatest gift I have ever received in my life, along with your mom, is your life.


I have no choice that I am aging.  I have no choice that our beloved daughter needs eye surgery.  I have no choice about what someone else thinks or feels about me.  I have total choice on how I respond.

I can choose to respond to my aging knowing that the wisdom and experiences I have gathered will help others.  I can respond to our daughter's eye surgery knowing she is in God's hands and that she will see this beautiful world again.  No matter what other's think or feel about me, I can choose to share my truth, be authentic, and be a man of integrity.

I find it empowering to know that in every moment there is a choice.  My choices are expressed as my life.  When I connect to my spirit, I feel peace and calm of knowing I have chosen well.  I am supported by the Divine.  I am at peace.

Inspired by Hafiz

God is in everything – this is just natural
As I watch tears stream down the face of my beloved
I imagine a beautiful canyon being formed
The inner sacred touching and shaping her face

It is time for tenderness
The only response is love
Loving kindness rules the day

Listening deeply is vital
The heart is cherished
The warmth within comforts

All is God