I love interdependence. We thrive when we collaborate and build community. We are all craving connection and relationship. Interdependence helps us feel less stressed and more effective. There is a deep satisfaction that comes from building that trust and caring. 

Very few of us seek theoretical knowledge. Many of us love to hear stories. We love to hear the stories of ancestors, the elderly, and children. We love to tell our story. We need to be heard. We lean in when we hear personal stories. Stories help us feel like family.

We need to be transparent and vulnerable. The more we share our story, the more we become self-aware and whole. The more we listen to other stories, the more our worldview expands and we learn we are more similar than we are different.

"You alone can do it, but you cannot do it alone." - O. Hobart Mowrer

Journey of Transformation

I have found my life to be a journey of transformation from little nature boy, to young athlete, to social justice advocate, to addictions counselor, to educator and public speaker.  Woven throughout this spiritual journey has been the study, experience, and commitment to love and truth.

I am a veteran of spiritual experience and practice. The word veteran originates in the Indo European 'wet', which means "to inspire or spiritually engage." I will confess with great humility that when I speak, I seek to inspire and what interests me most is spiritual engagement. 

The work we all do on this journey of spiritual transformation is essential. It is impossible to do alone. We thrive in community.

As my spiritual journey has become more and more conscious, I am acutely aware that my prayer time has become more intimate, receptive, and silent. I listen for "the still, small voice." I breathe and wait to hear God's voice. 

What I have heard the past 20+ years has been; love, speak your truth, serve, make your life and your love, a resource for others. I have found that as I share my truth and vulnerability, I give others the permission to do the same. Our spiritual transformation is to grow from our individual egos to being fully human and finally to finding our way back home to God.

Doing ordinary things...

We must focus on the importance of doing ordinary things with the perception that our actions are essential and of great value.

We can all be examples of love and unity

We need to change our hearts. Love is unity, understanding, empathy, and compassion.

What can I do today for the health and safety of the homeless?

What can I do today to help those who will not wear a mask in this pandemic?

What can I do today to stop racism and sexism?

What can I do today to make sure all children have enough to eat?

What can I do today to stop greed and injustice?

I cannot solve all the problems of humanity. But every choice I make contributes to who and how the problems of humanity are resolved.

The world will change as our hearts and minds change.

We can all be examples of love and unity.