Caring for the Caretaker 6

Passion- Creating a “Joy List”

The following list of people, places and things bring me a feeling of joy and wellbeing. They connect me with the universe and my higher Power’s unconditional love.

Nature uplifts me. I feel a part of the universe. I feel nurtured (natured). Nature exposes my child/animal

Play humors me. I suffer from terminal seriousness so a daily dose of play and laughter is essential. Laughter is the shortest distance between two people

Values guide me. As long as human beings teach, human beings will teach values. As a parent and educator, I never stopped my values-oriented education. My children and I continue to be in need of daily guidance.

Commitments define me. They help me make choices. Set priorities. They let me know what I believe in and what is important to me. They let me know where I can make a difference.

Simplicity focuses me. Daily. No focus-no energy. KISS- Keep It Simple, Sweetheart.

Memories touch me. They are my emotional treasures. They help me on my mini-vacations and give me my daily touchstones.

Miracles inspire me. The miracle of unconditional love. The miracle of physical and emotional healing. The miracle of forgiveness. Forgiving you and the greatest miracle, forgiving myself.

Pain instructs me. I know it is a strange thing to be on a “joy list” but it helps me learn what to let go of. Letting go is the joy.

Death purifies me. Another strange one. The purification process brings joy. The beautiful melting (tears). “The soul afraid of dying, never learns to live.”

Friendship & Love support me. My marriage, my children, friends ,Twelve Step Support Groups. The angels in physical body who have floated in and out of my life.

God, My Higher Power, loves me. The surrender to love and acceptance. The intimate, personal relationship with unconditional love.

Creativity & Art stimulates me. Color, shape, form, texture, light, flexibility and the process of creation. All part of intervening in this life.

Rituals & Tradition anchor me. Without these, I would have no history. I would be adrift. I would not fit. I need to fit. This world needs to make sense.

Quiet centers me. My meditation (listening to God) and my prayer (talking to God) slow me down. This is the time, everyday, when my soul catches up with my body. Or is it the other way around?

I could go on and on. Examine your list and share it with your loved ones and your colleagues.

Lao Tzu once said that the truly successful man is one who can plan to sit by the river bank and dangle his feet in the water.



Misunderstanding are less likely to occur when we assume a benevolent intention on everyone else's part and react accordingly.

Much of our stress and suffering comes from defining ourselves as lesser beings in contact with change, conflict or someone else.  Remember, our connections to the infinite is unbroken and undiminished.  We can make mistakes without believing we are a mistake.