The Powerful Impact of Kindness

Simple human kindness is one of the greatest gifts of this life.  It is a powerful, transformational process that can move the hardest heart.  Kindness has no negativity; it uplifts, creates smiles, offers new perspectives, and always brings comfort.  True and powerful kindness does not seek selfish reward.

It enhances the well-being of all involved.  Scientific research has shown that serotonin levels are increased for both the giver and the receiver of kindness.  Acts of kindness also raise the serotonin levels of those who witness the act of kindness.  Serotonin is a natural chemical in the body that leads to increased happiness and the ability to react well to stress.  The effect of subtle, gentle kindness has far reaching, rippling effects.


The Secret to an Extraordinary Life

Much of our anxiety and inner conflict comes from living in a world that drives us to perform for attention.  The value is on what we do, what we accomplish not on the essence of what matters.

We are encouraged and often applauded for our achievements.  We are focused too much on getting attention when the secret to a peaceful and fulfilling life is on giving attention.

Most recently, our schools, teachers, and students are told they are only of value when they perform well on standardized tests.  In our schools and work, we are conditioned to believe that to be a success, we must be special, score the highest, be the best, be number one.  The reality is the secret to an extraordinary life is revealed when we devote ourselves to giving attention to others, not getting it.

All of life comes alive with intrinsic value when we see and recognize that everything and everyone is special.

The more we focus on getting attention rather than giving it, our unhappiness grows.  It leaves us in a world of dissatisfaction and need.  We are always dreaming of a future greatness.  We always need someone else's approval.  Our unity is in seeing the grace in all life.

The media sells us on fame.  We are all looking for our fifteen minutes of fame.  We all want to be born a celebrity.  When we see and give love, we touch the joy of spirituality.  We are healthy and whole in celebrating all life.

Give attention through service.  Build your identity on finding beauty in all life.  Find peace in celebrating life.