God of My Understanding

God of my understanding.

Some people get uncomfortable when I talk about God.  Have no fear.  I am not going to tell you what to believe.  I am here simply to share what I believe.  I will not love you less if you do not believe what I believe.

God is love – pure, total, unconditional love.  I feel God in my heart.  God’s still, small voice speaks to me in my intuition, imagination, and creativity.  God is the limitless energy that gives everything life.  God is life.  God, as life, has limitless, creative expressions.  No thing, religion, doctrine, or philosophy can contain God.  God is boundless.  God provides my answers to all my questions.  God speaks to me in the sunrise and sunset.  God is in the eyes of the innocent baby and the eyes of the wise old men and women.  God’s perfection is in everything - the tree growing through the rock, the wave crashing on the beach, the wind whispering through the wheat.

God is in every face of everyone we see everyday.  Everyone is God in all God’s curious and creative forms.  Each variation of God offers us new and unique lessons to learn.

God is here now, in you.  Peace.

Follow Your Heart

If you are quietly in joy, if you feel fulfilled and at peace, you are on your true path.  You are on purpose in this life.

If you are troubled, in conflict, anxious, or fearful something is off.  Pay attention.  The still, small voice is speaking to you.

Your peace will come when your soul is on purpose.  It is the purpose that you were born to fulfill.

Follow your truth.  Be happy now.  Be on purpose.  Share your heart.  Transformation is possible in this life. 

Follow your heart.

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Inner Peace

Our innate capacity for happiness, success, health, peace, unconditional love, and creativity are within all of us.

They are not dependent on any outside circumstance or privileged skill or talent.

No single person, group, or system owns inner peace.  Inner peace belongs to the human spirit by virtue of our origin.

“The kingdom of Heaven is within you.”

What you are seeing is not different than your very own Self.

-       Dr. David Hawkins


If You Want...

If you want a happy relationship...
bring happiness and positive energy to your relationship.

If you want cooperation...
be understanding and empathetic.

If you want freedom...
be response-able.

If you want trust...
be trustworthy.