We All Make Mistakes

We all make mistakes.  We have all done something that hurt someone or given our less-than-best work.  This only makes us human.  Our mistakes are learning opportunities.  They give us a chance to learn, grow, change, improve, transform.  Mistakes do not make us bad, weak, unworthy, stupid, or less than anyone else. 

We have to stop blaming ourselves and others for mistakes.  Blame is judgment.  Blame and judgment create suffering.  How much do we have to suffer?  How much blame is enough?  How long do we need to live with blame, judgment, suffering?  How much self-punishment is enough?

We need to be gentle with ourselves.  Deep reflection shows that we have punished ourselves for being human.  We were na├»ve, innocent, and lacked information or education.  We all did the best we could with what we knew and who we were in the moment.

We are all, at essence, a whole and perfect emanation of Divinity.  In our humanity, we are on a journey to rediscover spiritual truth.  We are not Jesus or Buddha.  We have not reached enlightenment.  The consequences of our mistakes help us learn and grow to enlightenment.  We become expressions of Divinity.  When we make mistakes, we focus on our oneness with spirit and learn from the mistake.  Take responsibility, apologize, learn, change, grow, and correct the action.  Forgive yourself and others, acknowledge we are all learning.

The Gift of Vulnerability

Some of my greatest gifts have come from my greatest challenges.  As I have witnessed our only daughter’s life and death struggles throughout her 29 years, I have come to learn our strength is found in vulnerability.  Though each of these struggles, through all the fear and grief, I have learned unconditional love, I have touched Divinity.  I have discovered the willingness to be honest and vulnerable has brought me strength wisdom and passion for life.  In her presence I feel God’s unconditional love. 

I would never have asked for this experience.  I never would have believed I had the courage, endurance, or faith.  It has been through adversity that my greatest self has been born.  The God of my understanding has birthed me to a life of empathy, compassion, wisdom, and courage.

Through my vulnerability I am connected to all life.  We all have pain, fear, and we all seek unconditional love.

God’s light shines though our daughter.  Divinity falls me with unconditional love, love that heals, comforts, and teaches me to cherish all life.