I am aware that I am holding myself captive when I fail to forgive. I have known for many years that forgiveness initially benefits the forgiver.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. 
Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." Martin Luther King Jr.

I must continue to work on my willingness to forgive. When I hold onto some past hurt or perceived injustice, my loving heart is blocked. My essential nature, like yours, is Divine love. Forgiveness is part of that Divine nature. 

I do not feel any satisfaction in revisiting the old hurt and pain. Perhaps it is just comfortable and familiar. I know that when I shut down one loving pathway of my heart, I also shut down the greater love in my heart. We cannot selectively shut out parts of our love.

I know now, my job is to hold nothing back. When we forgive, we feel joy and the power of love.

by Cheryl Shibley


We are designed to be limitless. The key to our growth and development is commitment. Commitment will always bring us closer to our goal. Please know there will be discomfort. There will be a challenge. You might not reach your goal but you will make progress. 

I love progress.

Practice, practice, practice.

Life is practice.

We renew our commitment every day. We get stronger every day. We take our discomfort, pain, and disappointment, and we grow. We benefit from all our experiences, and as we benefit, so do all those we encounter.

This is the blessing of commitment and growth.

Growth and commitment opens our hearts and minds to the flow of energy and joy.

Growth requires a commitment to life.

Growth takes our life and returns it healthier and happier.

Living with integrity

As a young man, there were times when I was crippled with loneliness. The need to be liked made me overly sensitive to the negativity and perceived rejection by those whom I felt I needed their acceptance.

In my maturity, I have come to love and appreciate my alone time. I no longer seek or need the approval of those who do not really know me. I am living my vocation with integrity.

I have experienced significant generosity in my 48 years of teaching. I reflect on the hospitality of educators in Athens, Illinois. I was there for a professional development program on Student Assistance Programs and I was informed that one of the members of the staff was preparing lunch for me.

Unbeknownst to me, I was transported with a few other staff to her home. A very modest house, you might even say in a bit of despair. From this seemingly poor environment, I was honored with an elaborate Thanksgiving meal.

I was made welcome. I was an honored guest. There were no politics, no defense, no offense. I was invited to be a part of their family.

"My house is your house, my joy is your joy,
my sadness is your sadness, and my life is your life." - Henri Nouwen