If you see someone being courageous, let them know.  They might be moving through a tremendous amount of doubt and challenge.  If you see someone being compassionate, let them know.  They may be coming through a time of sadness or loss.  When we reach out and share our love we help others see how lovable they truly are.  Kindness is the strongest cure.

Kindness is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.  Bright and warm as the sun, it melts the ice and snow of betrayal, anger, hurt and distrust.  Kindness is the antidote to broken relationships.  When we have been hurt and wounded, as we repair, we are best served by being kind.  When given an opportunity to recommit, speak with kindness.  When attempting to let go and move ahead, act with kindness.  With kindness, we start to soften.  With kindness, we see perspective.  With kindness, we can stand in our truth.  With kindness, we can claim our integrity.  With kindness, we become one.

Everyday is your Birthday

Today is a special day.  Today we honor a singular event in the history of the world.  Your birth brought love and kindness to the world.  Your life has blessed hundreds of other lives.

Today is your birthday.  Choose how you wish to celebrate.  Dance and sing with joy or peacefully give thanks.  Do whatever is meaningful to you.  Do whatever brings you joy.

You are a gift.  Your unique talents, skills and visions make a difference in the world.  You are a rare and beautiful gift from God.  You have touched many lives and the world is a bit better because you are here.

Thank you for your courage.  Thank you for accepting the challenges of life.  Every time we are vulnerable and authentic, we give others permission to be courageous and do the same.  This is freedom.  This brings us close to each other and close to God.

Today, count your blessings, who has loved and supported you?  What grace have you received?  What beauty have you seen?  What wisdom have you earned?  What strength have you garnered?

Thank God for your love, your life, your health and your happiness.  You are blessed.

Follow the still, small voice of spirit.  Follow your path.  Listen to your heart's desire.  Believe in yourself as God believes in you.

"Let me keep surrendering myself until I am utterly transparent." - Psalm 19, Stephen Mitchell translation

I strive to stay open, be authentic, be real.  In staying open, we are choosing to be vulnerable.  Brene Brown reminds us that vulnerability is the birth place of human greatness.  Spirit asks us to be receptive.  By letting life in, we trust the process.  Life is continually building and breaking down and we are part of this process.  The challenge is staying open, renewing our trust and being transparent.  I am still learning and that is the process of life.


Kindness Evolution

We are united.  
I am in you, you are in me.  
When our egos are worn down, it is hard to tolerate narcissism.  
When humbled, it is a challenge to be around self centeredness.  
Our service to others burns away all elitism.  
Kindness is the next evolutionary norm.  
Giving and receiving in love transforms us.  
We are lovable, we are loving, and we all make mistakes.  
Mistakes are simply another opportunity to be kind to yourself and others.