Share Your Story

Our stories are our life in words.  They are the map to our buried treasure.  They paint the way to our truth, to our core beliefs, to our essence.  When we share our story, it is healing for the listener as well as the speaker.  We find our unity in our stories.

I have shared my story, repeatedly, across continents.  I share to celebrate those in the story - my teachers, my mentors, my spiritual guides.  I share so I never forget who I have become and what created me.  I share it to emphasize we are never alone.  Our stories are universal.

Jesus shared God's love through stories.  Most of our great teachers have been storytellers.  When we share out story, we join the spiritual family.  We are all one in spirit (story).


You Are The Laboratory

You are the laboratory 
   and everyday is an experiment.
Go and find what is new
   and unexpected.
- Joel Elkes

Life is a laboratory.  Every experience we have is an opportunity for learning and growth.  Every conversation is an opportunity for relationship, reflection, and intimacy.  When we share our feelings, we find companionship or a new learning.  

Sometimes we find disinterest, lack of understanding, or rejection.  These are also opportunities.  We don't all dance the same dance.  We can accept the differences in each other and still choose not to be together.  

We may also find companionship; a spiritual family member.  The wonder of meeting someone who understands our feelings, vibrates with similar energy, and wants to know us at a deeper level.

I have always treasured these moments.  I have given my life for these moments.  They always give me the courage to continue my journey into the depths of becoming known and knowing.


Your Life Is Not A Fluke

Your life is not a fluke.  Your existence is not random happenstance.  You worked hard to be here.  There is a purpose in your life.  There is a mission you are to fulfill.  No one else can do it.  It is your unique destiny.

Every feeling, every thought, every action moves us to accomplishing our ultimate goal.  We remember the good that has been done to us and our gratitude move us to hep another move through their difficulty.  We pass the good along.  We are part of an unbroken chain of love and kindness.

Service leadership is a warm feeling of empathy.  As we do good for others, we expand the good in the world of which we are a part.  Everyone is connected in God's grace.