LifeSkills Conference 2014

“No one can really know what you are called to or what you are capable of but you. 
Even if no one sees or understands, you are irreplaceable.”
– Mark Nepo

Every summer the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation brings children ages 12-17 from throughout the world to the Patton Campus in Elizabethtown, PA to experience what they are capable of.  Through a series of social emotional, mental, and physical challenges, we invite over 100 students and 30 staff to explore leadership from the inside out.  Through safe and supportive, developmentally appropriate groups (teams) we explore our capabilities, significance, and worthiness.  Some students arrive cautious and tentative and leave empowered, knowing they are capable of greatness.  They leave with written plans of action defining how they will be servant leaders to their schools, communities, houses of worship, organizations, and families.  The Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation, through the Life Skills Conference, is positively impacting school organizations, school buildings, and school districts.  The Life Skills staff and participants return to their schools and help them understand the integration of social emotional learning with academic achievement. 

The essence of our work in the Pennsylvania Masonic Life Skills Conference is to create caring and compassionate young men and women.  Change agents who understand that leadership is not about accolades, but about helping all to achieve.  An essential ingredient in that achievement is the service we must provide to our communities and fellow human beings.  As we serve others, we improve.  Our prosperity is not only measured in acquisitions and bank statements.  Our prosperity is also measured in the joy of making our world a bit better because of our contribution.  Kind-heartedness and genuine concern for the welfare of others is our life’s work.  Every step forward in service and leadership benefits everyone.

The Pennsylvania Masonic Life Skills Conference will be held July 20-25, 2014.