What is the song of your soul?

Alan Cohen writes that when a woman in a certain African tribe knows she is pregnant, she goes into the wilderness with friends to pray and meditate until she hears her child’s unique song.  They return to the tribe and teach the song to everyone.

When the child is born, the community sings the child’s song.  When the child goes to school, the community sings their song.  When the child becomes an adult, they sing their song.  When the child marries, they sing their song.  When the child is dying, they sing their song.

The only other time the song is sung is if the child commits a crime or does something that hurts the community.  The community surrounds the person and sings their song to them. 

What is your song?  Who are the people in your community that know your song and remind you who you truly are?

We each have our own unique song.  Our unique purpose is expressed through our gifts and talents.  When we are on purpose, we are full of joy and passion.  We are one with our soul - one with our song.

All of our life experiences are lessons to keep us connected with our true purpose, our song.  Stay true to your song.  Stay true to your life’s purpose.  If you feel off center, sing your song.  Reflect on your true nature.  Do not deny your true purpose to be someone you are not.  Be in harmony with others, but do not attempt to be them.  We best serve others when we are offering our truth.

Be authentic, be transparent, be vulnerable, be true to yourself.

Sing your song.


With the Grace of God

My life is full of technology that I do not understand.  I failed math in 4th grade and I still feel like I am in 4th grade when I look at today’s technology.

I do not own a smart phone.  I failed the exam.  My cell phone is normal.  I punch in numbers and I am grateful to hear my wife’s voice.  I do not receive calls.  When I hear a ringing, I get frightened.

Our washing machine has 12 different settings, but not one of them says “clean.”

I can turn on the light switch.  I can still see, although sometimes blurry.  I can still read, glasses off.  Thank God.

I can still speak and with the Grace of God, Inspire.


Courageously Reconnecting Our Broken Pieces

In this life, we have all been hurt and we have all hurt someone else.  Life offers lesson after lesson.  For the most part, we do not intend to hurt others and they don’t intend to hurt us.  “Unintended hurt is as common as branches snapped by the wind.” (Mark Nepo).  It is when we do not acknowledge our hurt and pain that it can fester into a debilitating wound.

“Just as our only recourse to falling down is getting up, our only recourse to hurting others is to acknowledge what we’ve done and clean up the mess.  In 12 Step groups and other support systems, this is called making amends” (Mark Nepo).  Making amends is an act of humility, forgiveness, and integrity.  We own our behaviors and ask forgiveness.  Integrity restores trust.  Trust connects us with our essential values.  We learn by trusting that by sharing our diversity, we discover unity.

In this life, we will feel both hurt and love.  Our unity is formed when we overcome the hurt through integrity.  Life is repaired and love is created when we courageously reconnect our broken pieces.
The world is waiting to hear your inner voice – waiting for your greatness.  No one but God knows what you are capable of.  Reflect on what brings you joy.  What would you do for nothing?  Do what brings you the greatest joy and the world will be grateful for your sharing.  If the world does not understand, let it go.  God will understand.  It is only about you and God anyway.


Being authentic, being real, being your true self has more power than persuasion, debate, or force of will.  Being authentic (who we truly are) connects us to the extraordinary.  Authenticity affects everyone we come in contact with.

By being ourselves, we create an atmosphere of warmth for everyone.  Our warmth emanates in all directions and, like the sun, causes everyone to grow.  We are all emanations of loving compassion.

By being authentic, we experience life in all its vitality.  Our authenticity and vulnerability innocently affects others and helps them to be more authentic.  Through this emotional safety, we each grow and blossom in the light of unity.