I have learned so much from my failures

 "Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly." - Robert F. Kennedy

I have learned so much from my failures.  I have learned resilience, empathy, and self compassion.  I have learned that I am far from perfect and I am a good and caring soul.  I now look for the good and caring soul in everyone.

I have survived so much; business mistakes and failures, the pain of losing family and loved ones to illness and death, the loss of normal this past year, and most recently, a quadruple bypass.  I have never put much energy into guilt and now I seek to let go of judgement.

My mistakes and failures have taught me so many great lessons.  Trust, trust, and trust again.  Never be embarrassed to be real and authentic.  Let your imagination and creativity flow.  Speak your truth.  Be kind, always be kind.  Be grateful, always be grateful.


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