Both broken and radiant...

 "We are all in the same boat – radiant and broken…" – Sy Safransky

Every living thing has been broken. If not broken, it has a scratch, a dent, a nick, a gouge, a crack, or a hole in it. Every heart, has at some time, been broken or bruised. To be alive is to be both broken and radiant.

Being authentic and vulnerable is living with our brokenness and our radiance. When I am wounded, when I break, I reflexively close tight. The key is to remember you have been broken before and recovered. You can trust again. You can open your heart again. When you open your heart, the radiance pours out like sunbeams through a cloud. 

Throughout life, every one of us experiences some hurt, grief, or loss that breaks us. At this time, we choose. We choose to say yes and bounce back and return to life or we say no and choose to diminish.

When you are wounded, broken, and you fear you cannot go on, that is your moment to remember. Remember, you have been here before and you have returned.

Returned to life, returned to love.

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