A Global Family

The earth is populated with an exquisite diversity. Every life is precious and adds to the greater whole. We are all children of God. We are all relatives in a global family. We must ask ourselves how are we treating our family.

I have family members that live with disabilities and lifelong challenges. I have family members who are heartbroken and grieving loss. I have family members who are genius and unique and creative. I am part of a family that makes mistakes and tries to do and be better.

My ancestors have survived wars, holocaust, slavery, pandemics, and mental illness. My people make music, sing, dance, write poetry, and make beautiful art.  My family has lived in different parts of this world and teach me what is sacred in other cultures and faiths. My family comforts me when I am sad and inspires me to dream great dreams. 

There are no strangers in my family. Everyone is welcome, you are my family.

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