Perseverance from the Latin per for very and severus for strict: "means to continue steadfastly", "one who sees through to the end", "one who doesn't yield." 

Perseverance is the ability and courage to continue our task and our journey through difficulty.

The story of being human is the story of perseverance. Our original migrations, our coming together in tribes, and our finding fire are all examples of perseverance.

Today we persevere by being still. We persevere by staying home and staying solitary. We persevere by listening to science rather than ego. We persevere by listening to facts rather than fear.

We have all had role models of perseverance. Mine have been my wife Sandra, my daughter Ashley, and Martin Luther King Jr., St. Francis of Assisi, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, and Mother Teresa.  

Who have been your role models of perseverance?

What can you and I do today to persevere?

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