"We teach who we are" - Parker Palmer

"We teach who we are" - Parker Palmer

I have been in the profession of education and human services for the past 47 years.  The best teachers I have ever witnessed teach from their soul.  Whether through lecture, dialogue or activity, they are teachers who share their heart.  Good teaching is the integration of knowing myself, knowing my students, and knowing my subject.  In that order.  If I do not have self awareness, I cannot help my students find their true passion when I do not know myself.  I will be unable to integrate my content with the personal or the real world.

"Good teaching cannot be reduced to technique, 
good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher." - Parker Palmer

In every class, it is essential to build community.  

"We are hardwired for connection." - Breńe Brown

We need to build relationship, trust, compassion, courage and empathy.  All content must connect to the human.  If we lose our connection to the human, we lose our connection to our hearts, to our integrity, to our lives.

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