Nature's abundant beauty...

Our world offers us exquisite beauty to focus on each day. Here in the New England area where I live, the leaves are changing color, the deer are coming more into the open areas and the sun mixes wonderfully with cooler temperatures.

I think that when we focus on the abundant beauty in nature, our demeanor becomes more calm, peaceful, and beautiful. When we are open and accepting of love and friendship we become more loving and friendly.

Please know I am not naive. I hear the hate. I see the fear. However life has shown me, hate does not serve me. Hate is an idea of the frail human ego. Love is an emanation of the Divine.

When we focus on peace, calm, and compassion, we are ripples of these Divine characteristics in our community.

I find that when I am afraid, anxious, and in turmoil, I go inward. I breathe, I pray, and I meditate. I listen to that "still, small voice." I listen to my Higher Self. This process brings me peace. My body relaxes and my mind let's go. I find myself in an experience of beauty and harmony.

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