What are we learning each day and with each experience?

Each experience in my life has given me skills and knowledge for what was yet to appear.

I discovered passion and commitment by choosing to do what I loved and follow that "still, small voice."  I found courage and wisdom in facing pain, fear, and loss.  When I stumbled and fell, I got back up. I kept trying, and learning, and growing.  Every decision I made created the person I am now. 

Life has been constant change. There is always something new to learn and hopefully enjoy. As I rise, again and again, I learn perseverance and grace.  I am filled with gratitude for every day of my life.  Every day and every experience has the potential to be profound.

The purpose of life is to love

The purpose of life is to love. When we love, we ripple out aspects of original creation. When we love, our life is meaningful.

I am grateful to know and experience that love and life are intertwined. Love is not something we do. Love is something we are. Our love is a way of life.  It is an orientation, a motivation, an intention that brings its own reward.

Connection is the natural state of life

Connection is the natural state of life.

We all belong. We are all included.

Even when we feel excluded, we are still part of a great, loving universe.

We are all part of the love, that universe, that one song.

We are all driven to connect, to bond, to be together.

Everything is relationship.

You are here in this relationship because you are needed, you are indispensable.

You are here because life needed your unique self.

You are a part of the intimate, unconditionally loving, Divine, universe.