A new day is rising...

I see the Divine in the flowers, trees, and bird song. I see the Divine in you and sometimes me. I strive to see the beauty of creation in everything and everyone. There is a grace, a blessing, and unconditional loving presence above, below, and within all things and all life.

I believe this unconditional loving presence is so abundant it cannot be imprisoned by hate and greed. Even when the powers that be lie and manipulate to control and fuel their ego, the presence of love seeps through.

I rejoice in the unconditional love that always finds a way to comfort and heal. When we are at our last breath, this loving power is there to keep us from drowning.

We are the emanations of this love. We are here for a purpose. We must share the light and love of spirit. Turn off the internet. Stop watching the commercials. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your Amazon account can wait.

Sing a song of gratitude. Let your joy for life shine. Know that unconditional love will always negate the darkness.

A new day is rising.

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