Unconditional Love...

 "I looked in temples, churches, and mosques.
But I found the Divine within my heart." - Rumi

There is an infinite unknown that knows who you are.  This infinite is unconditionally loving and emanates love, peace, and happiness to each of us.  We each decide on the structure of this infinite, unconditional, loving presence.  Our Higher Power is personal to each one of us.

Many years ago, while working with educators in Idaho, I had an intimate experience of God.  It was 4 in the morning and I was awake since my body was on East Coast time.  I heard God's voice. More accurately, I was enveloped both inside and outside of my body and consciousness with a feeling and message of unconditional love, trust, peace, and joy.  I have followed this Divine message ever since.

Let your life be a catalyst for connecting everyone to the Divinity and unconditional love that resides and emanates from each of us.

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