Treat all life as sacred

As caring human beings, it is our responsibility to support and care for the earth, our neighborhood, our home, and everyone in the shared life. This is the bottom line. Either we continue to care for the earth and each other or we will devolve to a place and time where there is no one left to care for us and no earth left to nurture and support us.

This is not some power game where the loudest, most abusive, fear inducing, and hate promoting demagogue wins and takes all the cash. This is real life. This is the deep commitment of saving the earth, and as the indigenous people have taught for thousands of years, when we save the earth, we save our souls.

This is a time of transformation. Wake up! There is only a little time left.

This is not a dress rehearsal. This is the only life we get. This life, our life, and everyone else's life, is sacred. Please, please, please, treat all life and the earth as sacred and we will survive this catastrophe that we have created.

If you cannot treat all life as sacred than at least - "Do no harm."

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