Love or Fear

We, as a people, are living our chapter in an ancient story.  A story of love or fear.  Those who fear, seek power and domination.  They have destroyed the environment and are so narcissistic they would destroy their fellow humans.  Those who fear are spiritually bankrupt.  They lack compassion and empathy.  They are so afraid, they gorge themselves on the noise of hatred, racism, sexism, and violence.

Those who love, seek to join, connect and build relationships.  Those who love build wholeness, community, and unity.  They know they carry the seed of unconditional loving spirit, and they plant the sacred spiritual seed wherever they walk the earth.  As the world heals and blossoms, there will be a renaissance of love.

We have all, at sometime, been both love and fear.  

We must now reflect on our next choice.

Who am I, love or fear?

Choose one.

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