Human rights

Human rights begin in our individual hearts and minds. Human rights are in the decisions and choices I make on a daily basis. Human rights begin in my home. How I treat my wife. How I care for our special needs daughter. Human rights are in the conscious words of love and respect I choose to use with those that are closest to me.

Human rights are in my neighborhood. My choice to smile and say hello to everyone who passes me on my walk. My choice to engage with the people at the grocery store. My willingness to listen to the thoughts and feelings of all who enter my home and office.

Human rights are in every connection, interaction, speech, class and workshop I offer to educators. Human rights are in my inclusion, acceptance and respect of all differences.

Human rights are in my honoring the legacy of all those who have served our nation and our world. For all the lives given to bring peace and understanding to this planet.

Human rights are in my working for equality, justice, opportunity, dignity and respect for all life.

Our human brains are hardwired for empathy. Love and kindness are in our DNA. Through the practice of love, kindness and empathy we will give and receive human rights for all.

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