Stories are the wealth of humanity.  There have been times in my life when my pockets and wallet are empty.  There has never been a time when my heart and soul were empty.

My life has been full of story and I feel a legacy, a calling, to pass them on.  They carry the essential truth and meaning of life.  My life and I believe, your life.  Our stories are connected.  Each telling of our story renews our lives.  And each retelling of the story brings us healing.

I have told and retold the story of our daughter Ashley's life over and over again.  Here lessons are deep, profound, and meaningful.  I find telling her story gives permission to others to tell their story.  When people listen to Ashley's story, they allow themselves to be vulnerable and in this vulnerability, healing begins.  Every telling of Ashley's story re-opens my heart and it opens the hearts of all who listen. 

Before I speak to an audience, large or small, I close my eyes, go inside and pray, "Please God, your will, not mine be done."  I am free, I am open, I am healed and with the Grace of God, the story I tell brings healing to you. 

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